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Epoch is Men's Healthcare. Evolved.

The word “Epoch” (e-pek) is defined as “A moment in a person’s life marked by a remarkable or noteworthy event that is considered the beginning of something monumental in their history.” Our clinic is designed to create just that. To specifically assist men over the age of 30 in beginning new, monumental and historic chapters in their personal health and mental well-being through life changing screenings and industry leading clinical treatments.

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Screening is an integral part of our mission to keep men healthy and treat them correctly. Take the time and get your levels tested today for free. We are changing lives and yours might be next.

**Based on availability and appropriateness, we do different screenings at different types of events. Not all screening metrics are acquired at all events or in all Epoch clinics. Just know, we do are best to screen for as much as possible, as often as we can.

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The purposes of our screenings are to educate men and give them good information.  For guys feeling "off", we work to identify the true causes of any symptoms they may feel and to get them the correct treatment they need in high tech and safe medical environments.  For many men they feel fine, you would be surprised how many times we find life threatening issues men didn't know they had We are challenging all men to experience our 100% Men’s Health Screening for potential problems with their heart, blood pressure, metabolism, vitamin and nutrient levels, kidney function, LH, FSH, hormones (including testosterone and thyroid function), potential internal bleeding and much more.**

Swings for Screens Inc. (SFS) is a nonprofit
corporation, 501(c)(3), that was created to:


1) Educate the public on the risks and signs of serious, life-threatening and treatable health
conditions affecting men.

2) Increase awareness for the need of men to have a prostate exam and annual 100% men’s health
screenings. Click here to learn more about our Free 100% Men's Heath Screening

3) To provide annual 100% Men’s Health Screenings, prostate exams and/or PSA blood tests at no
charge and navigate men to the proper providers, care and treatment.

Swings for Screens has partnered with Epoch Health to provide our FREE health screenings that can include PSA, Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, TSH, CBC, CMP, Urinalysis, and/or an examination that includes a free prostate exam. Different events involve various screenings.

We're proud to partner with Swings for Screens

and change lives 1 man, 1 family at a time!