Swings for Screens Inc. (SFS) is an Arkansas non profit corporation that was created to raise money, through an annual golf tournament, to increase awareness for the need of annual prostate exams, to educate the public of the risks and signs of prostate cancer and to fund prostate exams and/or PSA blood tests for males at no charge to them.

Epoch Health will provide the screening services for SFS at actual test cost with no clinic, phlebotomy or physician fees added. The current budget will allow SFS to provide up to 1000 free screenings this year. Epoch Health will provide the screenings at their facility free of charge during the entire month of March and at the golf tournament itself.
  know better.
Get your free "i know better." Prostate Cancer  awareness bracelet at the Epoch Health Clinic or from our
sponsors beginning February 15, 2013.​
Why is this important?
Other than the obvious answers, let’s look at some national stats: FIRST, other than Lung Cancer in Smokers, Prostate cancer is responsible for more deaths than any other cancer. SECOND, the ACS (American Cancer Society) estimates that about 1 man in 6 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. Statistically, if that prostate cancer is detected early and treated, only 1 of 32 or only 3% of diagnosed men die from it. HOWEVER, it is estimated that late or undetected Prostate Cancer increases death rates by 40% to 50%

How does this hit home?
In Arkansas, the CDC estimates over 160 men per month are diagnosed with Prostate cancer with numbers escalating annually. That’s about 2,000 men per year diagnosed! Also, in Arkansas, the CDC estimates over 26 men per month die from Prostate Cancer. That means about 312 men per year or 16% of diagnosed men in Arkansas die from it.

Here is the painful truth:
Over 5 times the men die from prostate cancer in Arkansas than compared to the national average of diagnosed men.  Thats over 20 Men, Dads, Husbands or Sons that die every month that potentially could have been prevented. Why?  It's usually due to lack of finances or insurance to get tested, or due to a lack of knowledge, education or awareness for the need to get screened.  

You can make the difference now!
Join SFS and Epoch Health in fighting prostate cancer by participating in our Golf Tournament. The funds you contribute don’t go off to some cloud based initiative, your funds pay for real screens, for real people right here at home. Your participation can save real lives.  You can sponsor a team, a hole, a prize or be a media sponsor to help us spread the word and provide free screens. Yes there will be lots of prizes, food, nice swag and various Arkansas celebrities, but more importantly we will raise money to make a real difference.
This is why we do it!
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The 2013, 4-man scramble will be
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March 15, 2013​​​
Everyone knows about prostate cancer . . .
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